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What I've been up to

2017-03-19 22:42:23 by Starbutt

"No one cares about your life gtfo faggot"

To those of you who go on my profile, things have changed in my life.

I'm still becoming a firefighter. As of right now, I'm not taking any in depth academy level training, however, I have changed my course of direction with my education goals.

I'm currently working on getting certifications in becoming a fire marshal, EMT and fire science, while also getting a degree in math. I would be getting a degree in fire science, however, I changed that towards math. I'm really good with things like calculus and trigonometry, and would like a degree in it. And frankly, fire science is too easy and I don't really feel like I'm pushing my brain like I do with math. 

I would get a degree in nursing, though fire departments don't look for nurses. And even if they did, my school's nursing program costs like $2,000 to get into. :P (EDIT) For the first SEMESTER I should say. Fuck that bullshit.

This all may seem like I'm straining myself for time and brain muscle, but I've budgeted my time well enough to have enough time for my self and in the classroom. 

Peace and have a good day!!~ xoxo



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2017-03-19 22:52:41

All that intelligence and you like MLP. Shame.

Starbutt responds:

I fail to see the correlation


2017-03-19 23:51:20

You're a hard worker, I'm sure you'll succeed wherever you set your mind to because you throw yourself into your goals. Senpai notices you <3

Starbutt responds:

d'awww thank you senpai <3


2017-03-20 02:58:51

"No one cares about your life gtfo faggot"
That's where you're wrong kiddo, i actually care :^))))

Starbutt responds:



2017-03-21 00:35:23

A noble set of goals, I admire your determination. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and strive to achieve what you seek out.

Starbutt responds:

thanks Doc :D